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Workplace Violence


An unprecedented wave of workplace violence is sweeping the nation. Small day-trading firms, large high-tech corporations, schools, airlines, religious institutions, factories, post offices ... no organization can afford to look the other way.

Despite the growing phenomenon of physical and verbal violence in the workplace, companies large and small are clinging to two prevailing Myths:

"It can't happen here!"
"It can't be prevented!"

We refer to Myth #1 as the "Ostrich Syndrome". Executives must be 'burying their heads in the sand' if they fail to see the potential for violence in their organizations. Across the nation, thousands of violent incidents, ranging from verbal assaults to physical attacks, occur every day - including in their own workplaces. Unfortunately, most incidents are never reported - further propagating Myth #1.

If the epidemic of anger and violence during the past few years has demonstrated anything, it is that it can strike...at any time, in any community, in any workplace.

That's the bad news. The good news becomes revealed when Myth #2 is exposed. You see, workplace violence can be prevented. In fact, in at least 85 percent of incidents, there are clear warning signs!

So take a few moments to look through the information provided here, and before you leave, make the commitment to call us for a confidential discussion of your organization and your insights. We're here to assist you and keep your organization safe and profitable. Give your management team and employees the tools and incentives to fight against the internal and external assaults that threaten to destroy everything you've worked for.


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