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Workplace Violence

Aggressors & Victims

Who are the perpetrators of workplace violence?

Over 80% are male, usually white and over 30. Though news accounts would lead us to believe otherwise, only 3% are former employees (20% are current employees). Actually, over two-thirds of physical and verbal attacks come from strangers or customers. This is especially the case for male victims. Women are more likely to be attacked by someone they know. For example, domestic violence spillover is the fastest growing category of workplace violence.

Who is at greatest risk of workplace violence?

Anyone in a job that involves extensive contact with the public (customer service, office receptionists, field technicians, etc.) Also, anyone working in markedly bureaucratic organizations where limited attention is paid to employee satisfaction. (It's no accident that postal workers - more than any other occupation - have "gone postal".) In this context, supervisors and managers are particularly at risk: employee-boss murders have doubled during the past ten years.

Can potential aggressors be identified?

Yes they can! In fact, 85% of workplace violence perpetrators exhibit clear warning signs before "going postal".




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