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Since 1999, The Hilgeman Group has worked closely with the telecommunications industry across the United States. As frequent speakers at the National Telecommunications Association meetings, as well as at many state-based telecom associations, our firm has earned the reputation of being a strong and cost-effective resource for telecom companies of all sizes.

In addition to annual safety training, our firm also conducts mock OSHA compliance audits (with a particular emphasis on 1910.268 Telecommunications Compliance). For many smaller telecoms, we are frequently called upon to help develop the entire safety program, including the written safety plans, emergency response plans, employee training and compliance auditing.

The Hilgeman Group's presentations are packed with useful, up-to-the-minute information presented in an easy-to-grasp format. It's the best way I know to make sure you comply with OSHA's latest requirements."

Ric Telthorst, President
Missouri Telecommunications Industry Association

"Larry was enthusiastically received by our membership! I have seen several of his presentations - he is the only guy I know of in the United States who can explain OSHA compliance, the complicated yet important subject of employee safety and company responsibility, and make it interesting!"

Eric B. Carstenson CAE
Nebraska Telecommunications Association

"Larry Hilgeman’s presentations at our statewide association meeting last Spring and at the regional telecom showcase and seminar last Fall on the subject of OSHA was a hit with the attendees! Larry’s thorough knowledge of the subject matter and his clear examples of the consequences should something go wrong is an eye-opener, and is always the topic of discussions among the members afterwards - more so than any other workshop presentation. You know you have the right speaker when he provokes a lot of discussions long after the workshop ends and members take action to address his key points in their company’s safety plans. We definitely plan to bring him back for additional workshops in the near future."

David S. Rosenthal
Kansas Telecommunications Industry Association
"We hit a homerun when we chose Larry Hilgeman to present at our ANMTA Spring Conference 2008. It was evident at the general session as he captivated the crowd with formal information addressing all aspects of OSHA compliance as it relates to our telecom industry. Larry de-mystified the topic of OSHA compliance and gave our member companies excellent guidance and insights into how to take this information back home and use it to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses in our own programs. Our association members were very impressed with Larry and the information he provided to the group."

Jose W. Matanane
Arizona New Mexico Telecommunications Association



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