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osha 10 & 30 hour
The Hilgeman Group specializes in providing customized, client-specific safety training. Not only are our instructors fully authorized by OSHA to conduct the 10 and 30 Hour General Industry courses, they are also professional trainers which guarantees the highest quality instruction available.

The following is an overview of the elements included in our OSHA 10 and 30 Hour Safety Programs for General Industry:
  • Customized, client-specific OSHA 10 hour program

  • Digital photographs of the client’s critical safety issues (unless the operations are trade secret and cannot be photographed).

  • Digital PowerPoint projection format

  • Highly interactive, group discussion format

  • Customized client-specific training booklets

  • OSHA cards and training certificates for each participant

  • Refreshments throughout the day

  • Total Trainees Per Session: Flexible

  • Two versions: Supervisor-oriented program or production employee-oriented.

  • Training Available: Dayshift, Nightshift, or Weekends



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