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osha vpp assistance

OSHA Voluntary Protection Program


If you are considering or have chosen to pursue the achievement of OSHA's Voluntary Protection Program STAR, MERIT or DEMONSTRATION status, you are making a wise decision. The achievement of these designations indicates a world-class safety and health system, and not only improves workplace safety and health, but positively effects the bottom line.

The Hilgeman Group has assisted a variety of employers throughout the U.S. in achieving and/or maintaining STAR and MERIT status.

How can we help you?

  • Simulated OSHA VPP Assessments
    We can provide a company or plant-wide assessment of your operations, similar to a real VPP inspection. This assessment can help you to either prepare for attempting VPP status, or can provide areas of your health and safety program which need strengthened prior to the VPP application.
  • VPP Application
    The application might be OSHA's first look at your safety system. First impressions are absolutely critical. We can help make yours a positive one.
  • Annual VPP Audits
    VPP status requires an annual audit of the safety management systems. Typically, this can be achieved by one or two of our professionals in two to four days of on-site activity.
  • VPP Implementation Manual
    We design a VPP implementation manual specific to your company's operations. This manual contains the checklists and guidance documents to understand and pursue VPP status. This has proven to be an effective resource for safety professionals and operations managers.
  • VPP Education and Training
    A critical element in a successful VPP program is communication across all levels of the company. We offer a variety of presentations which are tailored to meet your specific communications needs. The most popular VPP trainings that we offer are:
    • A one to two-hour overview of VPP for management (expectations, timelines, resources, benefits, etc.)
    • A half day VPP workshop for managers, safety & health professionals, key union members, and safety committee members which not only gives a thorough review of the VPP process, but also helps to clarify those areas within the company where the safety program needs enhanced or developed prior to the VPP application.
    • OSHA 30-hr and 10-hr courses, which are a critical part of employee education. OSHA considers these courses to be the mainstays of safety education.
  • VPP Status
    A world-class occupational safety and health process can be achieved by the effective implementation and periodic review of the 19 key elements of OSHA's VPP program. The Hilgeman Group's integrated approach to achieving world-class status normally includes our safety professionals, industrial hygienists, and engineers.

For further information and pricing for our VPP assistance services, please fill out our contact form, or call us at (855) 818-3817

For more information about OSHA's Voluntary Protection Program, click here.




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