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Experience Matters. Our Arc Flash Team is one of the busiest and most respected in the United States. Since 1999, our firm has:
  • Total Arc Flash Clients (Companies): 1,520
  • Total Arc Flash Hazard Assessments Conducted (Facilities): 2,700
  • Total Arc Flash Safety Training (Trainees): 63,261
  • Total Arc Flash Accidents Investigated: 315

Contact us today to see why companies from across North America are increasingly relying on The Hilgeman Group to help them develop their Arc Flash Safety Programs.

Updated on: 9/24/2023


whirlpool logo "Our electricians really benefited from this program. This was the best training I have ever had."

Greg Sapp
IBEW Electrician
Whirlpool Corporation

"We were very impressed with the NFPA 70E Arc Flash presentation conducted by The Hilgeman Group. The training truly reinforced the dangers associated with live electrical work. After seeing this training, there shall be a new approach to performing hot work at our company."

Raymond L. McCann
Construction Coordinator
Mid-West Electric Co.
Houston, TX

"After attending The Hilgeman Group's arc flash safety training at Hallmark I would have to say that this is "hands-down," the most impactful safety training I have ever attended. Even though I am very well versed in the importance of arc flash safety, I left the training with a much greater appreciation for the importance of wearing the appropriate arc flash PPE and the value of our arc flash program at Hallmark. The other trainees (safety professionals, engineers, maintenance workers, etc.) were extremely impressed with the training because of the "credibility" factor and real life accident investigation experience that Larry brought to the training. Hallmark will definitely be working with The Hilgeman Group for future training and arc flash consulting needs."

Keenan Curry
Electrical Engineer III
Hallmark Cards, Inc.

What is an Arc Flash?

An Arc Flash is a dangerous condition associated with the explosive release of energy caused by an electrical arc due to either a phase to ground or phase to phase fault. This fault can result from many factors, including dropped tools, accidental contact with electrical systems, build up of conductive dust, corrosion, and improper work procedures.

NFPA 70E requires the following elements:

  • Arc Flash Hazard Assessment (Annex H Methodology and/or Engineering Calculations) of the entire operations.

  • Determination of applicable flash and shock boundaries for each electrical enclosure.

  • Labeling of all applicable electrical enclosures based on the findings of the arc flash hazard assessment. The labeling must specify the arc flash hazard category, flash boundary and shock boundary.

  • PPE determinations based on the potential energy exposure levels (cal/cm2).

  • Training of all Qualified Employees, Non-Qualified Employees, and Contractors.

  • Other elements as applicable to specific operations.

Westex Video - The Cotton Myth - 480V/200Amp Arc Flash to Cotton Clothing (wmv file)
Westex Video - Indura Ultra Soft -  480V/100Amp Arc Flash Exposure (wmv file)
Westex Video - Polyester/Cotton Blend -  480V/200Amp Arc Flash Exposure (wmv file)


   VIDEO- David Wallis (Federal OSHA) Comments on 70E Enforcement
(Click link to view video.)

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